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Taste Authentic Flavour of Banh Mi

Taste the Amazing Flavours of Authentic Banh Mi: Discover the Traditional Vietnamese Street Food Revolution

Are you looking to switch up your lunchtime routine? Look no further than the delicious, inventive flavours of authentic banh mi! Banh mi is an iconic Vietnamese street food dish that continues to transform and inspire with its colourful mix of flavour profiles. With a combination of crunchy baguettes, pickled vegetables, incredibly flavourful marinades and sauces, and delightful snacks like pork belly slices or fried tofu cubes – it’s no wonder why this traditional treat has become one of the hottest East-meets-West culinary phenomena today. Discover how centuries-old recipes have evolved into modern masterpieces now adored worldwide, from Parisian boulangeries to Seoul’s trendy late-night bites – unearth all the mouth-watering tastes of authentic banh mi here!

Banh mi is a popular street food in Vietnam, combining flavours from all over the world. The sandwich is made with a baguette filled with pork, pate, and vegetables, then topped with a spicy sauce. The history of banh mi goes back to the French colonisation of Vietnam, and the dish was initially known as “French bread.” Banh mi has become incredibly popular in the United States in recent years, and it can be found at restaurants all over the US. Mii Asian Kitchen now brings its take on this street food revolution to the UK, and it’s a winner! Book a table at Mii Asian Kitchen today and come and see what all the fuss is about!

From its humble beginnings as a street food dish to becoming a widespread culinary phenomenon worldwide.

Banh mi, a Vietnamese sandwich, has exploded in popularity worldwide in recent years. The dish is said to have humble beginnings as a street food and has evolved over time into the culinary phenomenon it is today. What makes banh mi so unique and craveable? There are many different versions of the Banh mi, however, most versions include some combination of pork, chicken, beef, cucumbers, pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, and a spicy sauce. The various chosen ingredients are packed into a fresh warm crusty baguette, making for a delicious and satisfying meal.

There’s no doubt that banh mi is undoubtedly a crowd favourite, and its popularity is only growing. With so many delicious variations, there’s something for everyone to love about this sandwich. So next time you’re in the mood for something tasty and unique, give banh mi a try! You won’t be disappointed book your table today –

Find an excellent banh mi in your area!

You can find banh mi in many different places, but a good banh mi in London and the surrounding area that’s where we come in Mii Asian Kitchen, located near New Malden Train Station serving fantastic Banh mis from 12 till 8 pm Monday to Saturday.  So, If you are looking for a local place specialising in banh mi, you should try out Mii Asian Kitchen, New Malden.  

Why banh mi is such a beloved dish, with its flavourful mix of ingredients and amazing versatility. 

Banh mi is a beloved dish because of its flavourful mix of ingredients and amazing versatility. It can be made with pork, chicken, or beef, and the endless possibilities for toppings. You can add anything from pickled vegetables to chilli peppers, making each banh mi uniquely delicious. Plus, it’s the perfect meal for any time of day – breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  

Our Head chef has been making banh mi since the early 80s, and the recipes have been adapted from their parents and grandparents brining you a modern take on a very authentic and traditional street food delicacy.  

If you’re looking for a delicious, flavoursome dish that will leave you satisfied, look no further than banh mi. This Vietnamese sandwich has become a global phenomenon in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. Banh mi is the perfect mix of sweet, savoury, and tangy flavours, all wrapped up in a soft baguette. And the best part?  

Mii Asian kitchen specialises in Banh mi. They are located next to New Malden Train Station – Post Code KT3 4HG. Click here to get the directions.

So what are you waiting for?  for the best banh mi in the area, Mii Asian Kitchen serves up some of the most authentic Vietnamese and Pan Asian food in new Malden, and their banh mi sandwiches are worth trying out.

Get out there and try banh mi today!

You can reserve a table, and order online for collection here – 

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